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wise words


28 June 2016 at 11:34:02 MDT

fall on skeptical ears

Grey seems to have found a Sequoia.
Sequoia must have just finished stealing something, and the wolf took it upon themself to teach Sequoia the do's and don'ts of stealing.
"Listen, yote. You were just too loud and careless this time. They will smell you and /know/ it was you who stole from them. And now you've lead them to your den, just as I sniffed you out here." The wolf could not help but smile a bit at the shock and anger on the yote's face when they found his oh-so-secret den.

The little yote is only a little skeptical of the wolf's motives. Why is this wolf being nice... what could they possibly have to gain.
A lone wolf at that. The only lone wolves Sequoia has had the unfortunate happenstance upon have been hungry lone wolves. Hungry for yote or anything that crosses its path.

Little does Sequoia know that Fell Grey has a plan that will give them both a comfortable living.
Fell sat on his haunches and smiled, "now, here is what you need to do..."

Art: boocat

Character: boocat koopa

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