False Start Issue #3 Page 11 by Bone

False Start Issue #3 Page 11


10 February 2014 at 19:06:16 MST

And we're at the halfway point of issue 3! I hope people are enjoying it thus far, I know I enjoy making these pages more than...anything. Sucks that I make like...no money off of this. If I did it'd be all I'd do! Maybe someday? When I'm actually kinda good at comics? Please?

No? Well hey fuck you too then.

Anyhow, I'm in over my head with being incredibly ill, holidays, and commissions that I spend an increasingly long amount of time on so Simon and Leon, sadly, have to take a break till January. So if you like the comic I'm real sorry but, until I make money off of it, I can't really justify putting it ahead of everything else. However, if you hate the comic, then you're in for a great month! More in this journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5338661/

Edit: a rather nice, pacing-wise, word balloon got messed up when I dropped all the layers. It's in the first panel so make sure to F5 this shit so that Simon sounds coherent.

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    Ah, and the last page of the issue we've ever received. Now readers on Weasyl will be caught up with the rest of us.
    Now we just need to wait for you to work on all the commissions that have been on hold during your unscheduled computer failures, and then maybe, hopefully, we'll see a new page. Stuff that actually puts bread on the table comes first, after all.

    That aside... I really don't have that much to say. Rereading issue three has at least made it very clear to me that Leon is intelligent. At the very least his lexicon is leaps and bounds beyond Simon, but some of the words he uses casually puts me vocabulary when I was entering collage to shame. Of course my SATs were heavily carried by my math section...

    But yeah, I'll get back on waiting for the next page to come out. No rush. Goodness knows I've waited patiently on certain other comics just to get one more page out. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thefuzzwebcomic/

    See you with a bucket full of over analyzation then, and thanks for drawing all this and making it available for free.

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      Hey I've gotten so many messages asking me to update this past week I've HAD to start inking the next page! And I LOVE over-analysis!

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    0.0 Ummm... loss of words