[OPEN] Summer Warrior Ghoul - Adoptable by bomo

[OPEN] Summer Warrior Ghoul - Adoptable


1 February 2017 at 23:29:27 MST

New day, new ghoul adoptable! This one is a warrior in summer colours, with a mess of vines and berries around it.

You can change anything you want about the character when you buy it. They don't come with names, personalities or genders (and you can change the role/backstory/etc). If you auto-buy, you get two free color headshots as well (or one un-coloured full-body sketch). I take payment via paypal, and all payment is to be in USD. I also take suggestions on other variations of characters you'd like to see, and I take commissions at all times. If you want to commission a ghoul of your very own, it will cost $150-250 USD (depends on complexity). Other commissions will cost various amounts from $60 upwards, so check with me if you'd like work done!

Auction ends on the 8rd USA time/9th NZ time. No minimum raise, just stick to whole dollar amounts for simplicity. Bid on either DA or FA, I will make sure the bids balance out on both sites.

Bid on DA here: http://fav.me/daxkpqu
Or bid on FA here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22481794/

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