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Pill Popper 2/2 by BodBloat

Pill Popper 2/2


19 May 2016 at 23:26:00 MDT

So much air! Squishing into my massive belly, I watched with glee as it slowly pushed against me and the ground as it grew. With a grunt I flopped to the ground as my swelling middle pushed me from my feet. It was so big and was only going to get bigger! Scrabbling aon the ground I despereratly tried to roll over into a better position, but my rounded middle proved to be too much of an obstacle. Creaking and groaning from the pressure, I watched happily as the massive red wall of hide began to envelop my struggling limbs and head. Quickly running out of stretch in my hide, my globular body was practically vibrating from all the pressure. Ever so slowly the growth began to peter out, leaving me fuly rounded and rocking on the ground at nearly my maximum capacity. It was perfect, it had just enough punch to swell me up in a desperate situation while at the same time stopping just before I ruptured. Of course at this point the pressure and feeling of my overstretched hide was starting to get to me a bit.... eyeballing a stray pill on the ground, my tongue darted out quick as lightning. I'm sure just a little bit more air couldn't hurt....

I got this amazing commission drawn up by the master or drawing orbs, Woahtheremoop . Thank you so much for taking on my silly little commission idea!

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