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Insta-Water by BodBloat



16 October 2015 at 21:50:01 MDT

I held the bottle of pills in my hand and peered inside. The bluish capsules jangled around in the orange plastic as I shook it. These were the newest thing the Chemical Engineering department had sent me.
We had finally done it- We had dehydrated water. What I had before me was a tablet of dry water- All you needed to do was add water! It was ingenious. I smiled as I thought about it. They said that it couldn’t be done. They said that water without water wasn’t possible. They said that this just didn’t make any sense.
But the boys at Chemical Engineering showed ‘em.
I tapped my foot and waited. I was waiting for my lab assistant, Vrghr. He was bringing in the water. How else were we going to test this?
As I waited, my mind wondered. These are pills… Does that mean I could swallow them? Would they interact with my stomach acid like they do with water? I wondered… And I uncorked the bottle. Well, a few couldn’t hurt…
I took the bottle to my mouth and tipped a few in. I swallowed with practiced ease. I mean, this was science, right? Better than just plonking the pills into a glass of water…
My stomach soon rumbled. My stomach went cold as I felt water deposit inside of it. They were working! My belly quickly stretched outwards as water gushed into it…

Vrghr finally walked into the room. Of course, when he saw me, he immediately set the bucket of water down and ran to me.
“What happened when wuff was away?!” he said, shocked at my new size.
I was laying on top of a huge sphere of a stomach. I could feel the water sloshing around in me constantly. I fell forward a tad, my belly acting like a scaly water bed. I flicked my tail.
“I think the pills work!”
Vrghr chuckles. “Wuff thinks so, too.”
“So, uhh… I need help.”
Vrghr comes closer to me and puts a paw on my gurgling belly.
“I need emergency belly rubs.”

Done as a commission for the very awesome Iconmaster Iconmaster Hope you like it buddy :D

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    Awrr where can i get this pills ? g

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      I'll have to go ask the chem labs XD I'm sure we could scrounge up a few more for yah!