One bite too many by BodBloat

One bite too many


23 July 2015 at 22:46:48 MDT

Throwing caution to the wind, Igneel tipped his head back and emptied the entire carton of pastries into his mouth. With a grumbling hiss, his belly started to push out and swell. Feeling almost uncomfortable full, he flipped the box over to see a warning on the bottom. "DO NOT CONSUME MORE THAN 1 AT A TIME". Groaning in worry he pressed his hands into his swelling flanks with the realization that there had been at least five in the box before he ate them all. Within seconds his rounding hide began to envelope his limbs as it continued to grow without slowing. Far past mobility, the ballooning drake rolled onto his belly as his squealing hide began to press into the railing and ceiling. Whimpering due to the pressure, all he could do was wave his hands feebly as his drum tight hide began to emit a worrying creaking sound.....

This idea came about from an RPG session with some friends lately. Playing the curious and somewhat foolhardy Igneel, I tend to worry my group at times with the potentially explosive situations i put myself in. They might need to keep a better eye on him in the future, as his tastes could lead to an explosive end for their adventures...

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    Really like this piece tbh x: bout to explode scenarios are my fave <3

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      I know what you mean, those tend to be my favorite pics that I draw haha!