Ruebelle Pollem bio and reference by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Ruebelle Pollem bio and reference (critique requested)


17 May 2019 at 17:13:06 MDT

I have this character posted on my da;
I have more of my characters there. I don't draw genitalia on my characters when I do their refs, as I used this for strictly reference. Se will have an outfit set soon.

Bio/character information

Name: Ruebelle Pollem

Age: 26

Date of birth: September 11th

Height: 5. 5 ft

Weight: 120 pounds

Sex: Female

Body Type: Lean column , long legs with slender torso with hips and bust of equal with. B-cup. Somewhat defined waist.

Species: Florien(

* Type: Chimera variant Neiram (formerly,,

*Variant: Ann Chowning Iris…

*Amber Color: Yellow

Marital status: Single

Occupation: Botanist

Status/ title: Commoner/Civilian

Current residence: Terripise, Meyda

Rue is Analytical, sometimes overly so to where it plays in most aspects of her life. She Likes to be right and can rarely admit she’s wrong. She also Likes to be helpful whenever she can because she sees no good points in not doing so. Doesn’t like physical conflict. Ruebelle takes pride in her appearance but isn’t self-absorbed appearance wise, just in her skills and intelligence. She can come across as rather smug sometimes, but she means well. Thinks everything has a reason or can be explained in some fashion. Ruebelle has a strong thirst for knowledge but feels like there are moral standards to be upheld in its pursuit. Views religion, myths, and legends from a unique perspective. (“I believe something like this happened, but the people weren’t able to fully understand it then. So, they made up something to properly explain the phenomena. Might not have been a deity per-se , perhaps a higher life form. Or not, I wasn’t alive then.) Goes back and forth with herself and sometimes mumbles theories or “Nerds out” in a fashion. Is open to ideas but still insists she is right in some fashion. Is an advocate of “Thinking with your brain first and your heart second.”. Believes in “quality then romance”/ Basically to her, dating is a trial period and people should date based on similar goals and compatibility, not out of “sudden infatuation”. Infatuation then love should come later after getting to know one another. “If it doesn’t, then move on, waaay less relationship drama that way.”. Kind of a heart breaker without meaning to be. Hard to insult her, because she would be too busy analyzing each part of the response.

*As intelligent as she is, her forte is mushrooms and plants. You find a plant in your garden you don’t know about, you ask her. Her knowledge in fungi and how to handle it is very beneficial to her people who are quite susceptible to fungal infections.
*Her weakest subject, along with being the least interesting to her, is Meteorology and she becomes lethargic when discussing such topic.
*When she is deep in concentration, she sticks out her tongue and tilts her head.
*Ruebelle is still getting used to her Florien body and still shows herself in her “normal” appearance.

Rue enjoys flower pressing and floral arrangements, its somethings she picked up from her relatives. During certain seasons, she likes to go out and harvest mushrooms and truffles for later use. She likes to cook, but mostly for herself. Although she will share with some friends now and again. She likes to catalog flowers and has written several books on her findings; drawings, descriptions, photos and all and views all this work as simply a passionate hobby. She likes to keep a small garden for some of her favorite flowers and food and has quite a green thumb. She will macramé on occasion but it’s a hobby she doesn’t share often. Will sometimes make things for friends.

Safe to eat flowers, edible mushrooms, fantasy novels, reminders of home, Lolita-esque fashion, preppy fashion, cute cloaks, hikes, stuffed animals, forested areas.

Inedible flowers, poison mushrooms, fungal infections, mold, dirty places, people making fun of her clothes, swamps, reminders of home, her scars.

-Lynette Juarezi (Empress, benefactor) : Lynette regards her favorably despite her sharp tongue. Not only that but Rue has proven herself to be useful time and again with her invaluable knowledge and demure appearance being good for publicity and diplomacy. Lynette is responsible for Rue’s Florien transformation, leaving Ruebelle somewhat at odds with her. While Lynette saved her life in a way, she feels she can never be who she once was nor go back home. And whether she admits it or not, Lynette is well aware of Rues feelings on the matter but it is debatable if she cares or not. Despite this, Lynette has never mistreated rue, and approaches her respectfully. Almost as her equal.

-Reese McCallister (Close friend) : Reese and she are Kindred spirits, understanding each other at a deeper level. She knows many of his secrets and is willing to do what she can to help him. Unbeknownst to Lynette. Reese still writes to her now and again.

-Fennel Eri(Tailor , friend) : A nice oddball she met in town who shares her appreciation in clothing and respects her test in outfits. He makes the bulk of her outfits as well as tells her other places to get it. They chat on occasion when she is in town for business.

Powers and Abilities:
Her encyclopedic knowledge of plant and mushroom life and how to counter act plant/fungus based poisons along with a few artificial ones.

-She can run very quickly and is light on her feet, allowing for a quick escape. She can also jump up to ten feet into the air and ten across .

-Resilient to most toxins through training.

-Rue can switch between her florien appearance and non-florien appearance (her neiram form). However this is simply an illusion to get by from time to time. She actually prefers her Neiram form.

-Can travel through plants and root systems but has no control over them.

-Fights only when she has to and utilizes a style that exclusively uses her legs.

-Has the strength of a grown adult woman who engages in regular exercise.



-Is very frail and isn’t a fighter.
-Salt water.

Ruebelle was raised in a country side close to the town of Terripes. She grew up there with her parents and close relatives until she turned 18 and was ready to venture out a bit. Her family were herbalist but she sought to learn more about their craft and refine it in her own way , to better her family and herself. She went to the local university at Terripise for a few years and acquiring a degree in botany. A few months after her graduation and her traveling between town and home, there was an incident that left her severely injured and at the mercy of the elements. That’s when she met Lynette with an offer she couldn’t refuse. This was two years ago and she hasn’t been home since. She writes to them now and again but doesn’t feel it right to see them right now.