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Happy hunting (Speedpaint ) by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

Happy hunting (Speedpaint ) (critique requested)


Speedpaint is here;

Her visit to the local tavern went well...for her.

This is baby bonnie hood from darkstalkers or bulleta in japan. She is also called b.n hood for short. This gal is off her rocker and is said to represent the pre-existing evil in humanity. Her shell is that of an innocent girl but I doubt that there are a lot of innocent girls carrying around sub-machine guns in their goodie baskets. B.B is good to her grandmother and dog though so she isn't utterly evil , just pretty evil and hella greedy. She's fun to play as though. On of the few characters in Darkstalkers with a gun. Man I wish that game would get a reboot or a new release or something. I would like to draw more of the darkstalkers soon, Halloween is coming up and It would fit my mood perfectly.

as for the piece itself , i liked how it turned out. I like doing my linework with the rough pencil tool, it gives it a nice look. i also think this is the better of my lighting in most of my digital work. I wanna do a traditional version of this and compare them side by side just for the heck of it.

made in clip studio paint pro.