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I'm outta here by blueScorpio92 (critique requested)

I'm outta here (critique requested)


Remembrance , as of July , is now a year old.I have worked on this comic for about a year now and I am happy with how its turned out so far. I thought of how it will begin and end and it came along nicely, its a little sad to know it only has a few pages left but it will be fun to do. I love bendy and the ink machine and have been stuck on it for a while. I find the batim series to be very inspiring, and the cuphead game as well. And while I wasn't good at the classic cartoon style it encouraged me to try. I will be finishing it soon but I would like to sayvor it for a bit.

I thought this would be cute to draw. I have been wanting to color toon vee again for a while now and i thought bendy keeping her company would be a nice touch. Vakee has wings , she just doesn't show them in the comic. Maybe in the next one or a possible part two? I'm not sure. Either way , Here's to a one year anniversary.

you can read my comic here or on tapas;

Made in Krita
Bendy and the ink machine belong to themeatlygames.