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Tail Massage by BlueRoses

Tail Massage


25 February 2014 at 13:54:22 MST

Randomly inspired gift art for my friend, Amanda.

Her bunny, Tye, loves it when his absurdly cute tail gets any kind of positive attention... and being the good mistress and girlfriend that she is, Gidget (a red panda) would never pass up the chance to pet and massage that tail just to make him happy.

Why are his pants and underwear pulled down? Two reasons.
1) It makes the tail easier to reach and handle.
2) It reinforces the dom-sub dynamic between them.
3) It appeals to Gidget's ass fetish. :XD:

These chibis are not done to scale; Tye is actually quite a bit taller than Gidget. But I was lazy and it looked cute, so I left it alone.

(c) Tye belongs to Amanda.
(c) Art and Gidget belong to me.