Colt: My cute little grabby-hand creature :) by BlueNire

Colt: My cute little grabby-hand creature :)


1 January 2014 at 00:57:55 MST


I felt like everyone had a little bitty adorable grabby-handed creature to draw and play with and I wanted one too. >.> <.<

Size: House-cat ish? So really little :) (Pudgy belly is pudgy and moves where gravity is. )

Species: I'm calling it an Elint: but I was thinking: otter/muskox/alpaca/goat/ferret thing...

Gender: Shi/Hi (gender is herm but hopefully it mostly reads genderless.)

Diet: Omnivorous with huge plant/nut-preference.

Personality/Details: Shy and sweet but super-duper curious, likes to grab and hold and touch things..likes to wash things like a racoon. Isn't really very active, prefers to slink around and sleep in crazy positions. Very loyal to who it bonds to. It purrs and makes coo-y noises and "hums" like an alpaca.

Breeding: Functioning fantasy hermaphrodite, but most importantly: Eggs. Because eggs are adorable. Yep. Eggs. ADORBZ. That's my reasoning.

Mmmkay :) Thinking about making a few other ones (with different horn-types and characteristics) and selling as adoptables for funzies. ^.^

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    This is without a doubt one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Those little hands are so cute!! :3

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      AWW THANK YOU!! :D yaaay was hoping someone would find 'im cute!

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        That little chubby belleh too...! love it, you should definitely make adopts of these guys :3

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    Very creative! Eggs ARE adorable ^-^ and delicious!

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      hehe THANK YOU!! :D Yes. eggies ARE delicious and cute!! :D <3

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    This is the cutest little thing I've ever beheld


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      ::bows repeatedly:: THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I tried very hard!! ( I am not confident of my cute things!)