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Thalia and Gwen (finished) by BlueJaySF

Thalia and Gwen (finished)


"Help!" Gwen screamed. "Somebody please help me!"

One of the lab's many creatures had escaped its confines, and when she had come across it, the monster had given chase, running the young bovine to the point of collapse.

As it closed in upon her, its bulbous body shuddering with wicked hunger, its large, razor-sharp teeth gnashing as its saliva gushed from its lips, Gwen felt herself go cold, her life flashing before her eyes as she stared numbly into the beast's gaping maw. Her death had come.

Suddenly, someone was standing in front of her, between the Holstein and the creature. Large wings, patterned as a blue jay's, spread wide, shielding Gwen from harm. On the being's other side, the lab abomination froze, either unable or unwilling to continue its charge.

"Not one inch closer, monster," the archangel Thalia warned, her voice as hard and deadly as the divine spear she wielded, "or the only thing you'll be tasting is my blade!"

Behind the holy warrior, Gwen felt fear no longer. She was saved.

So here's the finished artwork of Archangel Thalia defending Gwen the cow from an escaped lab monster, and I crafted a little something to accompany it. I really love how this turned out, and I can't thank manik and MissDollyD enough for their hard work on this.

Gwen the red Holstein is property of manik/MissDollyD of SoFurry
Thalia the spotted hyena is property of myself
Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Innistrad, and Magic: The Gathering are property of Wizards of the Coast

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