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WIP First Gen Pokemon by blueberrybamf

WIP First Gen Pokemon


I am doing Pkmnathon on Tumblr. This is a collection of all the pokemon I have finished so far.

p.2 here

Edit 3/22/16: Poliwag line added. next will be on a new page
Edit 4/22/14: Added a few new pokemon


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    Wartortle wants you to paint him like one of your French girls. ;D

    Looks awesome! I love jigglypuff and wigglytuff's coolness. fufu.

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      Thanks ^^ I try to give them all some sort of personality.

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        You did good. ;u; Some of them are just hilarious. xD

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    These are cool. You got any more?

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      I have 6 more finished as of right now, but I want to get more finished before i post them here. They spam my tumblr and DA for now.

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        BTW, I really like Raichu. :D