BV and Nutty's Favorite Gurgly Lamb by Floofy-Nerd by Bloodyvision

BV and Nutty's Favorite Gurgly Lamb by Floofy-Nerd


25 March 2020 at 21:05:36 MDT

Throughout the HTF Characters with Fat Gurgly Bellies. I had to love Lammy's Fat Gurgly Belly. Since Lammy was my Headcanon and had an gluttonous personalty that was
an great fit for BV and Nutty's Interest which I started to add BV in Nutty X Lammy known as BV X Lammy X Nutty. Since that I love Lammy so much, including my Headcanon of Lammy where she was gluttonous from her 2 boys which is BV and Nutty also she was fat as my own Canon Redesign.

I decided to given her an Massive Fat Tummy that Gurgles extremely and insanely loudly. That honestly beaten Splendid's Stomach Noise Records.
I possibly think that she ate about 10 restraunts that obtains "All you can eat Buffets" and several "Food Eating Contests" that made her Huge Belly gurgling really
loudly and it truely be that it will never stop gurgling until the few days just passed.

When BV and Nutty heards Lammy's Lovely Fat Gurgling Stomach Noises. They will be happy to rub, play and listen to her very massive and really noisy belly.
[She'll won't mind if anyone wants to listen to her belly along with cuddling her. She will love it.]

That was the commission that I made with Floofy-Nerd
Lammy belongs to Kenn Navarro

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