Eihny doodles 2 by Blimpcat

Eihny doodles 2


5 March 2014 at 22:00:36 MST

•• eihny are a CLOSED SPECIES and are NOT OPEN for free creation! ••

i think eihny would be very nimble and quite fast, especially since their average height would probably be around 5'3" or 5'5". The only thing that slows them down would be their heavy tails, caused by the thinning of the tail muscle as well as the heavy weight from the tail rings. The rings can't be removed from breaking, cutting, etc, or trying to slide it off. Their tail fur is much too full and bushy for the rings to be able to slide off, anyway.
Only some eihny feel the need to cut or shave the fur on the end of their tail if the weight bothers them too much, but most just cope, or even find it a challenge or an obstacle to try and overcome. Some just like the rings.

the same kind of rings are on their upper arms, though they don't restrict them as much. they change size to fit perfectly around the size of their arms if they lose or gain weight. they are still heavy, but with training or just growing up with them they don't seem to bother eihny too much. they become more decorative than anything.

just some ideas idk \o/

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    You know, I actually kept thinking of the braces as some sort of restriction! Which is pretty much the same as what you're saying right here. Ah... I'm enjoying the chibis that you drew, they're too cute not to stare at.

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      haha yay im glad you were thinking along the same lines :'D haha i'll slowly be spitting out these canons as i come across ideas~ uwu; though you're not required to follow them!

      tyty!! ;u; <3

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        Though, I'm still seeing S'quoi as a warrior amazonian bitch person.

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    Now I want to draw mine fussing about his rings, aa...

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      hehe do it do it <33