Vyone Adopts Set 1 by Blimpcat

Vyone Adopts Set 1


23 February 2014 at 19:37:58 MST

I made my own species called "Vyone" (plural is also "Vyone") and felt like trying them out to sell~ /o/

** Vyone are closed species and not open for free creation

These are $15, please read my Terms of Service before purchasing!
Leave a comment below if you're interested~
Once you've heard from me, please send your payment to my paypal: blimpcat@live.com

  1. OPEN
  3. OPEN

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    May I ask about the Vyone, Babs? :U Like...basic information before I decide. ;w; They really do look interesting.

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      what are you interested in knowing? :o i'm new at this, idk what you wanna know.. gomen ;u;

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        Just...I don't know. ;w; Probably what they're like... Anyway, we can probably discuss that in private. I'll take #2 because damn son. He's handsome.

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          their personalities and whatnot are completely up to you, the owner! :D I only supply the designed character for you, the rest is up to you! at least i'm pretty sure how that works hehe ;u; anyway yay thank you!! ;u; send to my paypal and i'll message you your new hot baby~

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            Honestly, I meant how the race is (like how they could possibly be shapeshifters and whatnot, you created the race so I'm just asking what you think they'd be like). :U It's funny how you know I know how to contact you.

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              oh haha i... haven't really thought of anything special for them :'D I probably should.. but idk i guess there's not really any special quality to them for now ;u; maybe i will think of something down the road and i'll let you know if i do~

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                Sweetness! If you need some ideas, I can definitely think up some. And I have a friend who's created their own planet complete with a working language and society.