Daddy Isn't Here... by Blazing Black Mage

Daddy Isn't Here...

Blazing Black Mage

28 March 2017 at 15:45:38 MDT


He can see the shape of his father slowly peeking through the dust, and a small glimmer of hope fills him. Simba bounds forward as quickly as his small legs can take him. A gasp of terror escapes him when a monstrous form bursts from the dust, blocking his path. One of it's hooves slams the gorge beneath it, cracking it open into fissures and sending burning smoke into his face. The beasts' distorted cackling pierces his ears. It's head thrusts forward, and the breath is knocked out of him when it smashes into his body.

"This time daddy isn't here to save you."

Simba awakes with a start. The Wildebeest's image fades. Even with the comfort of Nala by his side, his nightmares will never cease.

A piece from 2015 that I'm still pretty happy with. It's a remake of another piece from 2011 that I originally made after seeing The Lion King on Broadway. Four years passed and I wanted to remake it to commemorate both seeing it again and being able to take my girlfriend Kiire with me to it. (Who also supplied the story for this piece.) Next time the play comes through here again I'll be sure to remake it once more!

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