Isuna's commission: Dragons and archery by Blakdragon

Isuna's commission: Dragons and archery


11 March 2014 at 15:46:54 MDT

El arco es una aficion bonita, y sinceramente, me encanta, te obliga a concentrate, a liberar tu mente, a estar en sincronia con tu alrededor, pero... ¿que pasa cuando un dragon feral intenta practicar arqueria? pues... lo que veis jejeje, desde luego no seria facil, pero hay que reconocer que la imagen es cute como pocas he visto, todo gracias al talento de Isuna, la cual tube el placer de conocer en Eurofurence, tanto ella como su pareja, unas bellisimas personas que el azar tubo la amabilidad de presentarnos.

Archery is a great hobby, sincerly, I love it, it needs of concentration, freeing your mind, sincronizing with the enviroment but... what happends when a feral dragon trys to practice archery? well... what you see hehehe, it would be difficult indeed, but anyway, I have to admit this image is one of the cutest i've ever seen, everything thanks to the talent of Isuna, who I had the pleasure to meet at Eurofurence, both, her and her mate, are awersome people destiny thankfully letted us meet.

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