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We Want's The Red Head Pirate Queen by Blackmoonrose13

We Want's The Red Head Pirate Queen


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Oh god this is art I drew 2 years a go and I have improved in 2 years so you know that's a thing.

A friend of mine is a big fan of the Redhead from Pirates of the Caribbean and well we loved her old version we both would say. "We Want the redhead!" On the ride...Then the change happened. Listen we are both fine with it there are many female pirates in history, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Ching Shih, Rachel Wall, Charolotte de Berry, Cheng I Sao, Grace O’Malley, see I could keep listing if you want.

But The thing is Well my friend doesn't like, how she is no longer a curly haired red head like her.

So, with the power of my art skills I have done the new Redhead with her sexiness and her curly red hair. She will release the tit when fighting and has no issues with it. (like many a historical lady pirate) and is a strong confident in her sexuality and uses it against her enemies type. Again I have limited art skills I wish I could do better it was my first attempt at curly hair, I will try again one day. Not today, To busy with other projects.

Oh if you want this it's only available on TeePublic, because well redbubble is not gonna bend down for the evil that is Mickey Mouse.