Who da F*ck is this B*tch?! by Blackmoonrose13

Who da F*ck is this B*tch?!


1 February 2019 at 10:45:04 MST

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Sooo... I haven't been the biggest fan of Gwenpool, I will admit it. Okay, listen, if you wanna be a pool, you need scars, and like... she doesn't have any. That alone irks the bloody crap out of me, but like... every bit of media I see her in... doesn't do it for me. Like, she just... I don't like her okay? Then there is the whole behind the scenes stuff about her just... isn't well with me.

Then I remember people neglecting Lady Deadpool, who is awesome and funny and scarred and cool, and yet... for some reason people go, "this is the first girl Deadpool and she is awesome for Gwen", but like... she isn't, Lady Deadpool is.

Listen, people can have their opinions and this is mine.

And I like to think Lady Deadpool would be mad that she isn't getting the love she used to, or how Gwenpool isn't scarred up and is just there for cute and lul randomz (at the state that it's annoying) factor.