Let's Face it Taako's Cute by Blackmoonrose13

Let's Face it Taako's Cute


15 October 2018 at 10:51:55 MDT

Speed paint https://youtu.be/IEGOnewBNt8
Song used https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYd7Ykb3-aw
Awesome video that inspired me https://youtu.be/_HO0nAqkAkI
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Yea after videos back last year saying never got into it...I finally did.

Taako's cute we all know it! I have heard this song and I thought about it butthen saw the animation some one did and go yes this song really does work for him.

I think its a small right of passage when you are an artist and a fan of the adventure zone to draw him in fashion or his outifts from the show. But like...I had issues with this one...what is fashion for Taako? Also I am like the least fashionable person here. I seen so many Taakos all of the beautiful and I am so not worthy sooo not that good. I know they all had practice and all that and just wow.

So for the outfit I thought to do simple robes...because I couldnt figure out how to draw a stupid skirt or anything fancy I need to practice I need to practice. But I thought Taako is the type lets put space inside like illusions inside his clothes for extra glam...also I just relearned how to do the space look.