Ghost Rider by Blackmoonrose13

Ghost Rider


16 September 2018 at 11:00:42 MDT

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Sooooooo there is a bit of a story behind why I did boss for the comics I am working for...Well after the con he said go practice I will contact you when I need you...2 months later of practicing and not getting anything I decide to contact him. He goes. "Oh, I thought you ran away from us." And some other comments I will not add because of reasons. I told him what he told me 2 months ago. I would like to point out I have shit short-term memory and I remember shit better than him. There was also talk about where do I get my lines from its Deviant art by the way and I talk how I don't color people's work if I don't have permission. (More like him going "why not?" and me explaining Ethics in the art world.) Then talking about how I don't really get major advice on art sites. (him going 'why not' again...I explain I am not that popular due to being a colorist. Then he has the audacity to go. 'well you are a cute white girl you should be super popular' Cut to my brain mentally screaming a lot of swears and many in languages I didn't even know.)

So anyway, I after some talk and him wondering if I really improved or not he gives me this assignment. "Color Ghost Rider."

Now I would like to thank a bunch of my art friends for helping me out with this because I have never work with so much fire and light sources and I have learned some new skills from this that I will use for future painting. I was told by my boss it does look good. But well you know he says that.

If I got any other advice from this piece it would be nice thank you for looking at my long rant about my boss trust me there is more to come in the next piece I will post.