Xena Warrior Princess by Blackmoonrose13

Xena Warrior Princess


1 August 2018 at 09:36:56 MDT

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Xena Warrior Princess Who is awesome and badass and cool! So part of my childhood and the reason I might be good with frisbees, well that and first series Sailor Moon.

She so badass and still into her feminity and it's like awesome. We need more hers like there.

Sadly I missed out on her panel at Megacon. I mis-figured out times and stuff so like. It seems I don't just have bad timing for just video games! -bad joke-

Anyway, the background is based on the Bisexual flag why you may ask? Cause she is freaking Bisexual. I know everyone says she is a lesbian. But she was in multiple relationships with men as well as a relationship with women. There was the one woman in Asia that was full of love and we all know Gabriell. Listen she is bisexual. I mean She can still be your lady love goddess but still. Let's have this okay.