Bloodrayne Betrayal by Blackmoonrose13

Bloodrayne Betrayal


10 January 2018 at 11:38:02 MST

Okay I am gonna tell you all I know about Bloodrayne. It was a video game made in the early 2000s. You play as the character Rayne Who is a dhampir which is a half vampire. You got to fight Nazis and it was popular because of its complex storyline...okay it was popular because of boobs.

I also know that is was made into a series of movies Directed by the infamous director Uwe Boll. Who found out like in the Musical the Producers. That there was a Loophole in his country that made him able to make more money from movie flops than movie success. I Shit you not he admitted it in a DVD commentary. And Also in the 3rd movie of the series has Willam Belli from Rupaul's Drag race in both that movie and the comedy using that set and actors called me its not a good movie either.

And here is a fun fact about me I never played this game. I mean I am kinda interested in finding a copy and playing it somehow but good luck am I right? But if you wanna know how I know all this Bloodrayne history? Well not Wikipedia no no I learned from one of my fave youtubers....not even a gaming one no no no I learned from a film reviewing one known as Phelous he is good if you want a recommendation. Heck here is a playlist for the Bloodrayne series ...I mean all the Uwe Boll Movies He Reviewed

Oh And Bloodrayne Betrayal? It is unlike any of the other games it was a 2d side scroller...and it looks early 2000s fan flash game and it was made in 2011 I mean there is nothing wrong with anime style flash games it's just, from the screen grabs I saw it was almost a downgrade and then like I heard the reviews where mixed so there is that. I think the game needs a GOOD reboot I think the world needs a game with a new kick-ass lady again.

Soo now to the art think I talked enough? Anyway I um colored it...and used a lot of effects to cover my lack of skill and to make it look somehow that was short