Porrim Maryam and Damara Megido by Blackmoonrose13

Porrim Maryam and Damara Megido


13 April 2017 at 12:07:59 MDT

Lines by http://gaylalondes.tumblr.com/
Speed paint https://youtu.be/sX8FqXK4g_4
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So happy 4-13 everyone the anniversary of the webcomic Homestuck!

Yes I remembered to do a thing for it....sometimes I forget....I didn't forget this time! -celebration dance-

So today we have gaylalondes rendition of Porrim Maryam and Damara Megido. I thought it was a very nice rendition of the characters.

For coloring the tattoos on Porrim I decided to go with bright colors because....go with me on this....the home stuck trolls never really wore bright colors and I thought hey why not it could be like a semi form of teen rebellion in her case you know? Then I remembered the Pre-scratch/Beforan/Alpha trolls wore bright colors as teens and like she wore the more darker tones....oops. Eh well it still looks cool right.

As for Damara I thought some freckles would look really nice on her.