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Which Me is the Real Me? by Blackmoonrose13

Which Me is the Real Me?


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Speed paint
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Which me is the real me? That is the question Usagi Tsukino goes through I bet. Is she Usagi Tsukino, Sailor moon, Princess Serenity? She goes through so many identities she must go through this a lot.

So when it comes to coloring. I based her school uniform on the outfit she wears in the Stars arc. Why you may ask? Well She is in her Super Sailor Moon Uniform, Technically it was the Summer when she was in that except in the beginning of the Stars arc before they work with the Sailor Starlights. So that is my logic behind the color choices.

So what do you think of the lines I added myself? Yup Hand drawn myself. Can you see the shakes?

Then for background I added lavender and sparkle smoke so its different than normal