Bombshell Mary Marvel by Blackmoonrose13

Bombshell Mary Marvel


8 August 2016 at 10:45:38 MDT

Inks by
Pencils by Jeffery Moy
Speed paint
Song used

She is the twin sister of Billy Batson, Earth's mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel (Not Shazam because Shazam is the wizard you even say so in the next sentence). By uttering the name of the wizard Shazam, Mary is granted the powers of the Biblical Solomon and the five Olympian Gods, becoming Mary Marvel.

I may have done a small edit in her description. Yea the Captain Marvel Family is really close to my family due to my mom knowing C.C. Beck the creator of Captain Marvel and her telling me stories about him and her wishing he was around to help me with my says he would be very happy with what I am doing.

So As you can see my sky was an attempt why is my sky so hard?