Starving Heavy by Blackmoonrose13

Starving Heavy


27 July 2016 at 11:28:12 MDT

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As much as I hate the joke about heavy being fat....really really hate it. I think of this more as a commentary of how lots of heavy players are stingy with there sandvitches or food like items and not share....with there medics mostly. As a person who plays medic it is really irk some. Heavy players share your food with medics please thank you. I try to share with medics when I play heavy and I hope one day more Heavies share. Please share with your medics.


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    Agreed. When I play heavy, I always try to give my sandvitch to my teammates if I don't need it, priority for medics.

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    Oh my god, I remember the episode of Spongebob this is referencing XD