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Nora Valkyrie by Blackmoonrose13

Nora Valkyrie


30 March 2016 at 09:11:02 MDT

Lines by
Speed paint
Song used (I love this song)

I love Nora from RWBY she is awesome. She and I act similar some days. Just watch season 3 you can see it. The um first episode....her anxiety bit....ha ha ha.

Any way I tried to do pupils....alert the media I attempted a thing....I don't really do pupils because I can't do them right like I make them too big or something. I just can't get the size right. I think they are okay in this one.

As for the background its the main color of Lie Ren's outfit. It's a good complement I like to think because he is her partner and she has the feelings for him.

I hope you like it, Please watch with ads on, like, subscribe, favorite, comment, support me on patreon, buy something on redbubble. Thank you for coming have a good day.