Pyramid Booty by Blackmoonrose13

Pyramid Booty


14 October 2015 at 10:47:44 MDT

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Ah Time for some Silent Hill imagery....I really wish Silent Hills was made into a full reality I mean it was like perfect combo with directors and everything in a bloody hellish heaven and could expand on the Silent Hill universe and give us some great awesome classic silent hill goodness making the series great again....but noooo konami had to be an ass and focus on mobile games and just ruin things and give -pops in anger-

-deep breaths-

Okay I am calm now -squeezes stress ball- totally calm.

So I felt like doing some Silent hill work and I liked this Pyramid head and I didn't notices he was scratching his butt till I was shading the image and I giggled a bit and continued to work on the image.

I did some fun work on the skin to make the undead look I really love how I did it as well as the apron it looks really good to me.

Also do you like the background? The texture is partial human skin....yum.

I hope you enjoy