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To the other side ... by BlackDragon07

To the other side ...


5 June 2021 at 16:53:59 MDT

This work is from the drawing series "La Fillette en jaune", featuring the little girl with some of my orignal characters, and Fox (the Spirit of a Deceased Fox Terrier and Carol the black dragon best friend).

The Characters are (left to right) : Fox, Carol (the Black Dragon), Terre d'Ombre (the black elf), Nuit-Noire (the demon), Jarkko (the anthro wolf), Gadget (The owl and Teere d'Ombre's friend), Fröst (the ice dragon) and Fyr (the fire dragon).

This drawing taked me a lot of time due to all details and characters.

Color pencil drawing (on A3 paper)

Art & Characters (C) Carol (NightDragon07)
Song inspiration: Come with me to the Other Side, by Orden Ogan (