Chilling out in the woods ... by BlackDragon07

Chilling out in the woods ...


2 February 2019 at 12:36:00 MST

Yep, I have made my own Megaman oc/fc. It started with a very random sketch, and the more I drew this character, the more I loved him, and his story came to me so natural in my mind. I just have to keep it as my original character.

So, this is my oc Baudelaire (Lemur Man is normally the real name) chilling in the wood with Blast Man.
He really admires Blast Man, and is secretly in love with him. He is afraid of having to confess his feelings, he was ready to do it, when a blue tit comes to distract him.

Color pencil drawing

Art & Lemur Man (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)
Megaman (C) Capcom

You can find a preview about my character and it's story on my Toyhouse ( ONLY for the logged-in users. I planned to improve its story and make a proper ref sheet in the future on other sites.