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Christmas tree ... by BlackDragon07

Christmas tree ...


23 December 2017 at 12:50:25 MST

A crossover featuring two of my characters with two of an other artist.

It's Christmas time, and it's the good moment to decorate the tree.
The wolf Zuzu wants to put the last decoration on the tree, and for that she should climb to the top. Luckily there is his friend Carol,because obviously, the dragon is big enough to help her climbing to the top.
Then, Aron and Tipi join them, more because they are attract and fascinate by Carol's power lantern.

This is a winter themed drawing.

Traditional art (color pencil)

Art, Carol & Tipi (C) Blackdragon07
Zuzu & Aron (C) Zuzka177 (on Deviantart)