Rivalry ... by BlackDragon07

Rivalry ...


31 October 2016 at 13:09:12 MDT

I just imagined me, what if my two original characters Terre d'Ombre and Nuit-Noire meet them each other?
Well, I think they would be rivals, simply because of their nature. Terre d'Ombre is a Dark Elf, he is mysterious, he didn't want to reveal his true feelings and emotions, he is lonely and has a strong character. While, Nuit-Noire is a very selfish Demon, who was only concerned about his little person. He is lonely too and don't like to make new friends. With their respective character, these two are not meant to be friends.

Traditional art

Art (C) BlackDragon07
Nuit-Noire and Terre d'Ombre (C) BlackDragon07