30-Days of my Fursona: Day #15 by Blackbaldrik

30-Days of my Fursona: Day #15


15 May 2017 at 15:13:41 MDT

Title: - ["A Change of Physicality"]

--"After learning the hidden art of Shape-Shifting from 'Shakuruku, the Formless One', a whole new universe of possibilities opened up for Baldrik. He could now observe and experience the world from a near infinite number of perspectives!
His first order of business? To become a Female for a few hundred years.

(This one isn't THAT bad. Though there are some things that look a little.. "unnatural." If you catch my drift. (But chalk that up to first-attempt Shape-Shifting, I guess?) Also the jaw is slightly uneven, and I forgot his/her arm markings.)