TOMG t-shirt design! by Bit555

TOMG t-shirt design!


17 January 2014 at 05:30:15 MST

Here is the first mockup of the TOMG t-shirt!

Marketing description:
Wear your favorite word loud and proud with this brand new TOMG t-shit! You'll be the life of the party as people will be asking you left and right just what on Earth does TOMG mean?! Your fursona never looked happier before you slapped its face onto this amazingly comfortable 100%* cotton t-shirt. With its simplistic grey-scale design it will last for years**!

*May not actually be 100% cotton
**May not last more than a few days

Some things to note:
1. This is a prototype and by no means what the final version will look like.
3. I will get an artist to design a more detailed and better looking version of this design. Think something akin to this: lame example I found on google
W. The terrible looking TOMG will be replaced by a proper font.
4. Fluffy ears do not cost extra.
2. I've considered adding splashes of color and other shades of grey to spice up the picture.

Now it is up to you guys to suggest changes and/or other t-shirt ideas!

By the way, the character depicted in this picture is Eight, which is owned by   8bit-paws

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