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a gigantic portrait sheet by bigblueghost

a gigantic portrait sheet


9 March 2019 at 21:21:25 MST

i swear im not trying to kill the servers lmao heres the full file size, which is like 5000 x 8680 oof

if you wanna see a better quality/bigger size of these then go here
long story short, this is for a weakaura for WoW, a kh themed health bar. this is going to be used for a kul tiran druid which im gonna main as soon as the 12th hits xD
i p much did all the art, my bf is the one who programs. i'll show these in action as soon as kts are playable

since this main is based on glottis (like all of them lmao), i just decided to draw her 25 times in various forms.

this took me 26 hours, a weeks worth of hard work
and a case of carpal tunnel...

imma go rest or something, see you all after 8.1.5 omegalol

she/her pronouns please uwu