[T-REF] Percy by bieIIe

[T-REF] Percy


23 February 2014 at 01:16:12 MST

I got inspired. And I wanted a paint splattered cat. So I took it upon myself to make my own since there was no other way :dummy:
I hope you don't mind Cinna. You say you don't really own the ideas to things like nature cats, moth cats, or cinnammon roll tails. So I figured that you'd be okay with me making a paint cat. Mine has more of a backstory to his paint and they aren't markings. I feel he's different enough ^u^

Name: Percy
Gender: Male
Species: Persian/Siamese Mix

Likes: Paint, sunsets, flowers, bows, silky things, art
Dislikes: Dirt, sticky things, water, dogs

Background: Percy is the pet to a very avid artist who loves to use traditional methods to create their masterpieces. One day Percy accidentally knocked over several paint tubes and slipped in it. After seeing how beautiful his fur looked with the newly adorned splashes of color, he decided to make it a sort of beauty regiment to do daily. Sometimes he will change up the colors but his favorite are tones of pastel yellow to red. He often flaunts his colors around other cats. Besides his paint splattered back, his other markings are normal for his breed. On his hip is a splotchy spot marking. All markings are symmetrical.


  • Bow
  • Can be tied around neck or tail with bow facing whatever direction

http://s6.photobucket.com/user/steponmeex52/media/4172060_orig.jpg.html referenced for upright anatomy
Original paint splatter cat idea by cinnabutt and inspiration was taken from it
Art and Character © bieIIe

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