You Let Her Go by bieIIe

You Let Her Go


18 January 2014 at 11:18:08 MST

Full body w/background
Of Archer
Personal art

I have a sort of head-canon behind Archer. He seems like a big cheerful guy full of love to give but he has had his share of heart break. He hides underneath his hood of fur when he starts to think back to those times. There was one girl in particular from his past whom he loved dearly and has left a mark in him permanently. I haven't come up with the full back story, just that he was hurt very badly by that one girl. She has no design to her yet or personality but I may eventually commission a Cinnadog for this specific girl.

He's holding a flower because that symbolizes his current love interest, Launa. But he feels like he won't be good enough or something will happen and he's afraid that the relationship will die. Hence his connection to the lyrics and so on.

The background is really bad and stuff so I posted a stand-alone of just Archer too.

Rain stock used -
Cinnadogs © cinnabutt @dA (Closed species)
Art and Character © bieIIe

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