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Stella (New Outfit) by biblecat

Stella (New Outfit)


Everyone loves the feeling of putting on a new outfit and wearing it for the first time. For me in my art career I feel like this is that moment for me where I went from not very good to finally being good enough to draw the things I like to draw and it feels like God put a new outfit on me and I'm wearing these new clothes for the first time and I see everything differently. I feel like something changed in me and that I'll never be the same as an artist. I feel like it finally clicked for me and now I can draw the things I want to draw and I have the skill necessary now. I pray that whatever outfit you're wearing that it pleases everyone around you. I pray that whatever new beginnings you have make you successful at what you do and I pray that whatever you are able to do well, you share it with the world so they can all see how amazing you are. Love, sincerely, your angels at biblecat inc.

watch the entire youtube tutorial process here:

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