Bella - Rouge-like game Receiver by Belshazaroth

Bella - Rouge-like game Receiver


21 January 2014 at 00:46:20 MST

Receiver (game)


There was this $5 game a while back from the 7-day FPS coding challenge. One of the games made was Receiver. It is a rougelike game where one bullet, one tazer shock, or even a fall from a floor up would result in your death.


You are a Receiver, a trained agent in what would be a cult to most. An event called the Mindkill wiped out the majority of human life. The event was triggered by The Threat, an ascended race which wishes to prevent humans from becoming aware of their presence on a higher works. The Mind exists in two places; one in the your mind, and another in a higher reality where it is asleep.

The Threat used media to corrupt the mental thinking ability of people, so that the Mindkill would destroy their weakened minds. The body is a shadow of the mind in the higher reality, and as such it just vanishes.

Now The Threat have crafted turrets and kill drone bots to try to kill the remaining survivors, the Receivers. They have had mental training to combat the weakening of media exposure. As The Threat cannot interact with your world, they have sent these drones in their stead, using a technique known as The Dreaming.

The Game:

You begin with a handgun. It is a revolver, a Glock 17, or a 1911. The gun is fully manipulable. You have to remove clips and insert bullets, pull a slide, chamber a magazine, and shoot yourself in the foot. Ammo is scarce, and you have to handle the weapon strategically. Reloading is no longer pressing R.

The goal is to collect a set of 11 cassette tapes which reveal the plot. It is said listening to these tapes are the minimum set of teachings to achieve an awakened state of mind. Still, you have turrets and hover drones to contend with. Good luck.


The game can be bought here. Try it.


That said, for a game put together in 7 days, the gameplay is rather compelling. I had it arted.


Done by owlette (Weasyl)

OR theowlette (FA)