Bomber Pilots by Bellumsaur

Bomber Pilots


3 February 2019 at 18:54:22 MST

Inspired by aircraft-related pinup art I saw on Pinterest, I concocted this: a depiction of two female pilots in front of their bomber plane, a Junkers-Roland JG-89 strategic bomber. They are pilot Leutnant Albrade von Pfaffenheck and copilot Feldwebel-Leutnant Wibke Maas, of Bomberstaffel 23 of Bombengeschwader 7 (or 'Bogohl 7'); from their base at Fliegerhorst Magdeburg-Ost (which is, as the name indicates, located to the east of Magdeburg), they bomb Communard targets in northeastern France and in occupied Belgium and Alsace-Lorraine. Albrade is a lower noblewosar from what was then the Prussian Rhine Province (the area of which would become the Grand Duchy of the Lower Rhine after the war) who enjoys fine wine, parties, and ravishing saurs. Wibke, on the other hand, hails from the Duchy of Oldenburg, her parents being simple grocers in Wildehausen and is the elder of the two, having fought during the Weltkrieg as first a Drachflieger before moving on to aircraft in the second half of the war. She resents being the subordinate to whom she considers to be an imbecilic hussy less interested in flight than adventures in the bedroom.

Nevertheless, as the years go on and they upgrade to the much-improved JG-290, Wibke came to respect the younger Raptoress, who proved to be a fine pilot and by the end of the war had started dating an American fighter pilot she met before the ultimate Communard surrender. Remarkably, the two females never suffered a single death under their command, only many wounded who had to be transferred out to heal; it was a stroke of luck few in their Geschwader would enjoy. Once the war was over, Albrade left the Luftstreitkrafte and eventually married the American, who chose to live in Germany with her; Wibke would remain in the Air Force, flying MG-264s against Maoist forces in the Chinese Intervention as she rose to command an entire Bombstaffel. She retired in 1964, after fifty years of flying service, her last aircraft being the jet-engined Arado-Pfalz AG-560, and returned to live in quiet seclusion in Wildehausen, still carrying memories of her service in both world wars and in particularly remembering her comrade von Pfaffenhecken with affection and admiration.

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