Blue Christmas by belicbear

Blue Christmas


1 March 2013 at 14:41:14 MST

This song is dedicated to Rama, my Dad, and everyone who is spending

Christmas away from the ones they love....

Not many people know I used to be a professional musician. After

hearing this, you'll know why. ;o)

I recorded and toured with a band for years, and have always written

and recorded my own music. I haven't had the means to make music for

years, but I'm starting to get back into it. I'm putting the

finishing touches on a home studio, and I'll be sharing a lot more

music in the years to come.

Last night I was struck by some Yuletide inspiration, and recorded one

of my favorite Christmas songs, "Blue Christmas". I've NEVER in my

LIFE recored something so quickly! I finished the percussion and

guitars in a half hour! I did everything in one take, which is

unheard of for me! I usually fuck up and swear a thousand times over,

and end up throwing my guitar through a window! I was playing my

Dad's vintage Martin D-18, and I think he graced me with some much

needed help. ;o) The vocals were a different story. I recorded them

at 1 in the morning, and with each crappy take my voice got worse and

worse. I finally said "fuck it" and called it done. This type of

song doesn't flatter my vocal "style" (or lack thereof), so you'll

have to endure the pained raspy growling. ;o)

I'm an old school purist when it comes to music.

***Every single sound you hear was made with REAL acoustic

instruments! No computer-generated or synthesized sounds were used

whatsoever! Absolutely no pitch-correct or hebrew has been used!***


Real sleigh bells

Martin D-18 acoustic guitar

Bear's shitty voice

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