The Patrons by BcB

The Patrons


16 January 2014 at 21:52:26 MST

art by darkjinti
(left to right)

Furry President hemmsfox hemmsfox
Boss Mobster aceofheartsfox aceofheartsfox
Sexy Mob Boss Wife friendbynote friendbynote
FwF Cage Champ Bodyguard bcb bcb

My life is complicated. I used to be just a simple wrestler and champion. But when I heard that the president of the nation appointed me to be his bodyguard I was flabbergasted. Why would He want a simple bear to be his bodyguard? Well it was because the Hearts of Steel Mob wanted me to guard them too. Mine and Mr. Stitches recklessness got around and I guess I was the tamer of the two to work with. So here I am now, being the Body Guard of this Furry Nation President, Hemms the Fox. Also I got hired to guard and protect the beautiful wife of the Mobster Leader Ace. Now I must scout out and keep safe this little owl-bear. To be honest, though she looks cute on the outside; she is hiding a huge mouth of teeth and a pretty nasty laugh and bite. Overall I guess I’m happy. I mean, well I am part of the Patrons now, and I guess, heh, the pay is good.


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