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[BARA] Attempt of draw my bro by BaronFangerus

[BARA] Attempt of draw my bro


7 February 2021 at 08:57:08 MST

Finishing the list of gifts for my beloved bro, dodark aka rontaro, here is a drawing that I tried to do my best to create something worthy of our friendship, but I was also not very lucky and this experiment also failed.

I tried to make a BARA-MACHO BODYBUILDER version of my bro, dodark aka rontaro, but I didn't get the result I wanted. The design of the body wasn't so frustrating because I was satisfied with what I drew since the body has a great proportionality, besides that I tried to make a very muscular body but without so much detail and volume; my problem appeared when i tried to draw the face and even using a picture of my bro as a reference, the face doesn't appear any resemblance to his face. I erased and redid several times and in the process I also struggled to draw his hair and from then on the errors continued to grow.

It's not my best drawing, but know that I did it for you by placing my heart.

I hope made you happy, BRO!
BRO, this is for you!!! LOVE YA SO MUCH!!!

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