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[Bara] Lou - Demon Form 6 (Flex, Demon Bro! - Revisited) by BaronFangerus

[Bara] Lou - Demon Form 6 (Flex, Demon Bro! - Revisited)


To finish my last Lou drawings, here is a very special drawing for me since I had a lot of difficulty doing it. As many know, I am not a good designer and I don't have many skills in human anatomy; draw muscles and giving exact contours to muscular bodies of men is very difficult for me since I never took classes or even learned anatomy from a more experienced artist.

This drawing is a small tribute that I dedicate to my beloved MUSCLE-BRO dodark aka rontaro, this is a small gift to celebrate our friendship! I know that it is not a very well done drawing, since it's notable the errors in his chest that seem a bit flat and lack depth and in the abdominal muscles that are asymmetrical.

I made this drawing based on a photo of the Greek bodybuilder Michael Kefalianos, and for Lou's face, I used the base of Lou's face from the artwork called 'Demon Bros', from my MUSCLE-BRO, dodark aka rontaro.

As I still can't draw anything directly from my imagination without completely making a mistake, I can only make drawings based on things I can see and sometimes I try to adapt some drawings that I see adding some personal things.

BRO, this drawing is for you and I hope you like it!

Please comment and favorite the original drawings of my MUSCLE-BRO dodark aka rontaro.
Demon Bros at DeviantArt:
Demon Bros at FurAffinity:
Flex, Demon Bro (Original) at DeviantArt:
Flex, Demon Bro (Original) at FurAffinity:

More info about Lou below:
"Lou is a devil type of character playable in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and is the last boss guitarist. Lou is unlockable once you beat him in a Guitar Battle at the end of any career on any difficulty. His name is a reference to Lucifer. You also unlock his Guitar called the "Obliviaxe", which looks like a skeleton corpse (the headstock is a horned skull, the fretboard is a spine, and the body is a rib cage).

In single-player mode, Lou originally poses as the manager of the player's band. He signs the band after the performance in Mitch's Moose Lounge, unknowingly giving Lou possession of their souls. Lou reveals himself after the gig at Kaiju Megadome through the contract in red printing at the bottom claimed "Your soul is mine", along with flared red eyes. He also reveals himself as the god of the Rock Underworld, Hades.

In the Co-op story, Lou appears after the band members are arrested because of the fire inadvertently started by their encore performance of Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll in their Backyard Bash. Lou makes a deal to set the band free as long as they perform for the prison inmates. Doing so, as soon as they step out of Shanker's Island, Lou drags them down to his domains.

Favorite metal genres: Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal.

Lou's his name and gathering souls in exchange for musical prowess is his game. Meet him at the crossroads and leave your nerves on the porch or prepare to spend eternity tuning his guitars. Definitely a dog person.

Collecting souls, puppies, his home Lou's Inferno and his good buddy the Grim Ripper.

Getting tossed into lava pits.
The God of Rock.
Sweetness (such as Midori).
Having his plans foiled.
His foes (shown in Guitar Hero Smash Hits as Axel Steel, Lars Ümlaüt, Casey Lynch, and Johnny Napalm) and Metallica ." - Source: WikiHero.