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Dragon Ball GT - Unknown Giant 3 by BaronFangerus

Dragon Ball GT - Unknown Giant 3


25 May 2020 at 18:05:53 MDT

Here is the third drawing of the giant that appeared in episode 41 of Dragon Ball GT, this time I chose again to draw only the head of the character as I did the first time since I am better practicing face drawing. The previous design was not so good.
I love GIANT MEN, especially barbarians! <3 <3 <3

Reciclando novamente o que mencionei na primeira postagem:
"I made a small series of drawings of him, but I want to draw him more and more if possible in the future, and even add many modifications to him and build an OC for me just as I did with Lou.

I haven't thought of a good name for him yet, but time will tell the answer.

The main data I want to add to him are as follows:

  • Base data:
  • Height: 120 m
  • Weight: 1400 tons
  • Power/Abilities:
  • Gargantuan Super Strength: Immeasurable brute force capable of destroying mountains without great physical effort;
  • Giga Muscle Growth: Ability to grow and become even stronger, reaching a height of 360 meters, and weight of 4500 tons of pure muscle;
  • Massive Iron Endurance: His muscular body is endowed with enormous resistance that makes his body invulnerable and nothing can hurt him;
  • Seed Of Hercules: He can make other men grow and make us giants, but not with the same original attributes. By shooting his manly seed, he can breed men over 40 meters tall and weighing around 600 to 700 tons.
  • Weapon:
  • Atlas Club: A giant club used by this gigantic monster to destroy mountains, cities and villages. When being manipulated by the giant it fires massive attacks at very high speed and with incalculable herculean force.
  • Clothes:
  • Giant Bear Fur Thong;
  • Fundoshi;
  • Bodybuilder Speedo.

I hope in the future to improve even more in the design of male anatomy and bring this giant to life and make him my husband!".

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