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Dragon Ball Z - Spopovich 1 by BaronFangerus

Dragon Ball Z - Spopovich 1


Continuing my latest drawings, here's another MACHO MUSCLE DADDY! This time we have an extremely brute, muscular, fierce, aggressive, cruel, evil and ruthless man; welcome to Spopovich!

Spopovich is one of my favorite thugs in the Dragon Ball universe, he's pure muscle and testosterone without a doubt! He has a body full of gigantic and extremely strong muscles! I love rough and wild bald men, so it's impossible Spopovich couldn't be here!

I know it's not a very excellent drawing, but I hope you like it!

More info about Spopovich below:
"Spopovich (スポポビッチ Supopobitchi) is a muscular competitor in several World Martial Arts Tournaments, a long-time rival of Mr. Satan, and one of the two Earthlings ensnared by the wizard Babidi's mind control.

Many years before Spopovich encountered and joined Babidi, his appearance consisted of light brown hair which reached his shoulders, with an enormous amount of muscle mass, towering over many other characters in terms of width and height. When possessed by Babidi many years later, Spopovich loses his hair, and becomes even more muscular than before, with his muscle mass becoming so large that large veins have appeared all over his body, bulging from his skin.

Spopovich has an incredibly aggressive personality, and a very bloodlust thinking process. Even if it is not a mandatory requirement in his assignments given by Babidi, if Spopovich is given the chance, he will brutally punish and pound his opponents standing in his path, either to near death or until they die from the pain. Spopovich also loses his short temper very quickly, as minor insults are enough to push him into his murderous rages. He's also shown to be slightly slow and prone to mixing up terms, as when commenting on his strength making his job easier to steal Gohan's energy, he mixes up "baby" and "candy" in the phrase "taking candy from a baby."

Prior to his encounter with Babidi, he was shown to be at least strong enough to fight Mr. Satan competently before being beaten as well as qualifying for runner up. When encountering Videl a year later, he was shown to have access to various ki abilities as well as flying. It is heavily implied that his being able to fly and use ki attacks was the result of Babidi's magic." - Source: Dragon Ball Fandom.

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