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Dreams In Silence - Fierestienne Wyldeblack Loucien V. by BaronFangerus

Dreams In Silence - Fierestienne Wyldeblack Loucien V.


This is another gift I give to my beloved BIG BRO, Rontaro. This time I once again drew one of his characters, Louk Firewild. Louk is definitely my favorite character in his game project called Dreams In Silence.
Louk is a powerful, intimidating, proud, manly, and tremendously attractive macho brute especially in his demon form!
I decided to draw Louk not only because I love him, but also as a way to once again thank all these years that my BIG BRO Rontaro was with me!
It took me four long days of work to draw his face in good detail, I had to use a 78x91 pixel matrix and that was pretty frustrating. But thanks to God and my patience, I was able to draw it!

The application I used to draw it was Piskel. Piskel is a free application for professional and amateur artists for creating and editing sprite art.
Direct link to PISKEL:
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Louk Firewild and Fierestienne Wyldeblack Loucien V. AKA Black Wylde and bio description belongs to: Rontaro
Rontaro's FurAffinity profile:
Rontaro's DeviantArt profile:
Dreams In Silence - Louk Firewild in DeviantArt:
Dreams In Silence - Louk Firewild in FurAffinity:
Artwork made by me.

More info about Louk Firewild below:
"A multi-talented, Janus-faced sybarite and an expert manipulator. This Goatragon Demon is the most dangerous of all not only because of his strength but also because of his masterful acting and manipulation skills to trick people into his claws. Being the only demon with a human form (hiding his baldness and belly), he masks his real self from the world living as the courteous and confident CEO and lawyer of Firewild Talent Agency in New Rock City, U.S.N. A great leader and educator, the mature receiver of the light of Pride uses his acting and persuasion skills during his journey, secretly thinking only on Airith and his own benefit. Least to say, he really likes it when people flatter his big “pride”, big hands, or buttocks, usually using them in battle to distract the enemy, yet hating when people call him old or fat. Besides his taste for gourmet foods and stylish clothing, he also displays a burning passion for old-school Heavy Metal, Blues, Symphonic, Country, and ice cream. Nonetheless, he secretly hides his other self, the one who would rather get lost riding his bike, play billiards all night in a lost bar listening to Blues Rock, and take inspiration for his secret novel. His talent shines as a lawyer, guitarist, violinist, and saxophonist being immune to fire attacks and toxic effects (drugs, alcohol, smoke), but very susceptible to fat effects." - Source: Rontaro

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