Capro Wolfgang by BaronFangerus

Capro Wolfgang


11 July 2019 at 09:17:20 MDT

This is a small gift I made for my beloved BRUTE MACHO BRO rontaro.
I know it's not the best pixel art in the world, but I did it with all my love and care for you to thank you for all these years of trust, affection, loyalty and friendship that you entrusted to me.
I don't remember exactly the array order I used to do it, but I think it should be around number 50.

I used the PISKEL application which is a free platform for creating sprites and pixel art for both amateur and professional artists!
Link to PISKEL:

More info about Capro Wolfgang below:
"He constantly chases anyone who challenges his strenght, likes to investigate paranormal stuff, and drink tea!
He, a 2.28 m of pure muscle and fur, smell and power, simply loves to give hugs!

Usually trying to show his power, he constantly exercises and lifts weights. When he finishes, he likes to rest and feel the air passing through his body and armpits. The smell is potent with this one!
A thick muscle massive demon goat with a golden heart, and a brute strenght. He teases his friends and smashes them against his pecs and armpits with a smell strong enough to make people faint! Can you escape?

Capro likes and deslikes:
Likes: Drink tea, bodybuilding, challenge other giga brutes, rest in the open air, enjoy the wildlife and nature, paranormal stuff, gives muscle bearhugs, massage, strolling in every place only using speedo, smell other guys and listen metal.
Deslikes: Dishonesty, prejudice, bad music, falsehood and other bad things, and bad people."

Capro Wolfgang belongs to rontaro.
Rontaro AKA dodark FurAffinity profile:
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